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Señor Maestro Program

Start by downloading the program here.
Baja el programa aqui.

click here to download file

The Señor Maestro program is an invaluable tool for practicing scales for all key combinations of the Three Row Diatonic Button Accordion.
You can download the program from:
It is very easy to install and run.  Once you get the program installed you will see this.


So the nest step is to configure the program to your preferences and needs.  Some of these steps you need to do only once and others need to be done everything you use the program.
First go to the area that says "Ayuda" which is Spanish for "Help."


Here you will choose which key of accordion you are using, ADG, GCF, FBbEb or EAD.  This is the "Tono de Acordeon" area.  Then you will set whether you want to practice the scales while opening or closing the accordion.  It is recommended to first practice opening the accordion as that is the most common method for Tejano, Norteño or Conjunto music.  Later you can practice the scales closing the accordion.  "Notas pa Fuera" is opening and "Notas pa Dentro" is closing.
Next choose how many times you want the scale to be shown.  More than once is a bit of a nuisance because once the scale starts you cannot pause or shut down the program.  I only show the scale one time.  This is the "Desplegar la escala" area.


Next we want to set up the program for today's practice.  Go to the area labelled " Escalas.  There you will see "Notas Sencillas," "Terceras," and "Sextas."  That is in English "Single Notes," "Thirds," and "Sixes."  This is very important.  With the accordion it is not all melodies of single notes.  It is very common to double a note to give a thicker sound.  But which note do we use?  The third or the six.


After you decide what kind of scale you are going to practice, (start with single notes and then go on to thirds and then sixes) then you need to choose which scale you want to practice.  There are five scales that are common for each accordion.  Pick one and practice it until you know it 100%.


The last step before starting is to pick the speed that the program will display the scales at.  (Velocidad de Escalas)  Once you have that option chosen, just click "Mostrar" to run the program.  It is better to learn the scales in single notes, then thirds and then sixes, starting with the main key of your box.  For example in G on a GCF accordion.
Please note that in all keys it is possible to play all the single notes just opening the accordion except for one push note.  This falls for example on a GCF accordion one time in the scale of Bb.
Not all scales, thirds and sixes are programmed for the full button accordion keyboard.  In some cases you will have to figure out on your own the second or third octave.  Make sure that you know the scales from the lowest possible note (G2) to the highest note (F10).
For beginners this free program is worth big money.  If you went to a teacher he will charge you from $10 and up for 30 minutes of classes.  It would probably take you 6 to 10 lessons just to learn the scales.  So practice with the Señor Maestro program at least 30 minutes a day BEFORE you start paying for lessons.  It will be worth it to you.
Good Luck.