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Dave's Tex - Mex, Tejano, Conjunto Site for the Diatonic Button Accordion - Ahora Bilingüe

Intro en Español
**Mission Statement**
**The Tex Mex Accordion**
**The Basics**
**GFC Accordion**
**Señor Maestro Program**
**Major Scales**
**Chromatic Scale**
Right hand position
**Preparation for 3rds**
**Music Theory**
**Music Theory 2**
Music Theory 3
**Circle of Fifths**
**Arpeggios for the GFC Box**
Practicing with a metronome
Trinos and Apoyaturas
Thirds and Sixes
**Ear Training**
Music Theory Quiz
Music Theory Quiz 2
Music Theory Quiz 3
Finding the Song Key
Remates and improvisations
Bellows Technique
The Basses
Guest Book
Contact Us
About Me

On-line help for beginner Tex - Mex Accordionists
Welcome to Dave's Tex - Mex Accordion Page.

The goal is to provide information about the Three Row Diatonic Button Accordion to anyone who is just starting.  This doesn't mean that  experienced players will not find something on this site, but the focus is on providing resources for new players.  Please feel free to contribute to this site by sending your comments or articles to the e - mail address below, or make your suggestions on the new forum.  Also don't forget to check out the links page for other great sites dedicated to the Button Accordion.
Disclaimer:  Although I have tried to make the information on the site as accurate as possible, there may be a few errors.  I take no responsability whatsoever.
Thank you,
David Burke (Stoney)