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Dave's Tex - Mex, Tejano, Conjunto Site for the Diatonic Button Accordion - Ahora Bilingüe

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About David Burke AKA Stoney

My name is David Burke, aka Stoney.  I have been playing music and studying music theory for over twenty years.  I started playing the Button Accordion in 2003.  After many years of hard practice with the Flamenco Guitar I wanted something new and FUN. 
I started on a Cheap Chinese accordion and recently graduated to a Hohner Corona 3500.  I hope to get another accordion in a different key soon. 

Here is a brief history of what I have done musically in my life.
At age 16 I got my first accoustic guitar.  Played that for about 3 years.
At 19 I switched to Electric bass.
At 21 I started my first band, "Tortoise Blue and the Gravediggers."  We were a four piece blues band.  Tortoise Blue was the harmonica player.  At this point he plays with Big Daddy G and is known as Canada's best Blues harmonica player.
After that I went on to play in another band called "Beat Crazy."  This was an Electric Trio that did Blues, Rockabilly, R&B etc. etc.
Then came "The Sugardaddys" a five piece Soul band.  We recorded an albums worth of material but never managed to release it.  Too bad.  I still listen to it now and then and it's pretty cool stuff.
After a few other short lived projects I decided to give up the Bass and go back to guitar.
I messed with folk, rock and all that unplugged stuff for a while.
Later I switched to the Classical guitar and got into Flamenco for a while.  Did that for five years.  Then a two year sabbatical from music before taking up the Accordion,  which I think I will stick with until the end.
Hope you enjoy the site.
Don't forget to practice scales everyday.

This is me in my Flamenco days. Olé.