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Dave's Tex - Mex, Tejano, Conjunto Site for the Diatonic Button Accordion - Ahora Bilingüe

Intro en Español
**Mission Statement**
**The Tex Mex Accordion**
**The Basics**
**GFC Accordion**
**Señor Maestro Program**
**Major Scales**
**Chromatic Scale**
Right hand position
**Preparation for 3rds**
**Music Theory**
**Music Theory 2**
Music Theory 3
**Circle of Fifths**
**Arpeggios for the GFC Box**
Practicing with a metronome
Trinos and Apoyaturas
Thirds and Sixes
**Ear Training**
Music Theory Quiz
Music Theory Quiz 2
Music Theory Quiz 3
Finding the Song Key
Remates and improvisations
Bellows Technique
The Basses
Guest Book
Contact Us
About Me
Here are some links to some other pages that will be of interest to Tex - Mex accordionists and Music fans.



This is a super little utility that let's you slow down a song, change the pitch or both using the Winamp program.  Great for learning tunes.

Señor Maestro Program
For learning scales on the Diatonic Accordion

Jax's Site
My hat is off to the creator of this great site.
If you want to mix a little Cajun accordion technique in with the Tex Mex for a different flavour, this site rocks.  Even has video on line to show you the techniques.  Four stars.

Atame - Guitar and Bass tabs for songs by Spanish Artists.

A great music theory site with interactive tests.

Another music theory site with interactive tests

Bajo Sexto Puro
A good site with the basics of Bajo Sexto explained in Spanish.

Puro Bajo Sexto
Do you think these two Bajo Sexto Players / Web designers know about each other?? Another Bajo site

Chalula Accordion Pads
Protect your investment with these great designer pads which protect your accordion bellows from belt buckles, beer bellys etc.

Flaco Jimenez Homesite
The master's official web site.  He may not be your favorite accordion player, but he brought the Diatonic Button Accordion to the masses via his work with the Texas Tornadoes and as a guest artist with everyone including The Rolling Stones.




Los Gallitos - (Not to be confused with Tina y los Gallitos)


Ranco Accordions
Our friends from Italy. Newly released the "Zorrito" line of Ranco accordions based on the legend of Zorro. These boxes are Georgeous.

La Fe Music Hall
Coming down to Monterrey? Might want to see what is playing at the local clubs. Also, surf around the site. There is a link to local radio station "La Caliente" for Norteña music.

Tejano Club in Austin.

Accordion Man
Get the idea with these midi files of what Cajun / Zydeco is all about.

Can you read music? Here is a guy that offers a bunch of transcriptions to original compositions with midi files included.

Tejano Roots Hall of Fame

Chord Wizard. 
Great site and trial download for learning music theory.

Garcia Brothers. Make it conjunto CARNAL

Kumbia Kings' new site

The world's greatest Chicano Rock Group -
Los Lonely Boys