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Dave's Tex - Mex, Tejano, Conjunto Site for the Diatonic Button Accordion - Ahora Bilingüe

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Practicing with a metronome

Metronome practice can help you improve your timing.
Practicing your scales in sixes and thirds is essential to playing the accordion.  An even better idea is to practice in time with a metronome.  There are various metronome programs available for free on line.
For someone who wants a super-metronome that can be programmed to do anything you want, I suggest the VKO Mundobeat
Whatever program you use, playing in time with a metronome will show you if you really know the scale or not. 
To increase your speed, try increasing the speed of the metronome a little each day. 
Other metronome programs.
Metronome on line

Metronome for PC