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Thirds and Sixes

Thirds and Sixes
If you have practiced the thirds and sixes separately, you will want to learn to play them together.  This is not possible in every key. 
To explain it, first we need to understand what are sixes and thirds.
In G we count up three to get the third.  G and B.
Strangely, if we count up 6 from B we get G.
When you play the B and G together the note that is heard most dominantly is the G.
So in the end if you want to play Sixes and thirds together you will get three notes. GBG
The important thing to understand is that it really isn't the fact that you are playing three notes that is important. It is the distance between the notes that counts. Here you are playing two intervals at the same time, a third interval and a six interval.
Here is where the button accordion makes things more difficult.
You can play (in G) only the third and then the six for the first (lower) octave up to F#. After that you can play either third and six or six and then third.
On the second C you don't have the 6th.
In the following chart you will see where to find the third and sixth intervals, played together in both Third and Sixth order and then in Sixth and third order.
The top three lines represent the three rows of the accordion and the bottom line shows which note or chord the notes correspond to.

Thirds and Sixes in G


Sixes and Thirds in G